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We are proud to present a state-of-the-art solution that makes those TV advertisement slots to play the media of your choice. Remoover is a fully automatic solution that detects advertisements within seconds and starts playing other content or switches to another channel. We are dedicated to helping your TV viewing a more pleasant experience.

The marketers say „Content is the King. “ We say, „You are the King of the content.

Our solution offers a wide choice of media

  • YouTube videos (without ads)
  • A slideshow of the chosen pictures


It has been several decades, and the TV has served as a faithful friend to spend your time, or enjoy a show with your loved ones.

It’s brilliant.

We, at Remoover, want to make it better. We know that those advertisements and commercial breaks can be quite overwhelming. Hence, we empower you to select what you want to see during those breaks. We believe that you should have the freedom to watch what you want.

Whether it’s music, family photos, videos, or a different channel altogether – Remoover does it for you automatically.

Remoover comes with advanced features that can transform the way you consume content on the TV.

Remoover is a cutting-edge solution that recognizes advertisements in real-time. The platform is built using advanced technology, which uses a combination of audio-fingerprinting and harnesses the power of artificial intelligence (AI).


The result - precision.

We’ve built Remoover keeping response time and precision as the key pillars of the ecosystem. Once your device is connected to our servers, a signal is sent to your device to play the selection of content when the channel starts displaying advertisements.

Our crowdfunding campaigns will be tailored to meet the demands of the country’s TV viewers. Deployment of advanced technology involves setting up servers dedicated to handling the country’s media requirement and on-ground staff to handle operations.

We aim towards creating a robust backbone that meets our goal – serving our customers well.

Remoover is proud to announce that the first useable plugins for ENIGMA2 Linux set-top-box (STBs) are available for you to test.

The solution has also been made available for IPTV KODI xbmc players and integrates well with Android and Linux based STBs, mobile phones, and computers running Windows, Mac, or Linux.


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Let us amaze you by showing our solution working in real-time. Please navigate to Proof page.

We have worked hard to build this platform, and it has been a challenging journey. So here we are giving you live proof of content.


How much does Remoover cost?

That’s the quintessential question for any individual, especially if it involves crowdfunding.

Well, we’ve been cautious of the interests of our potential customers. We are not asking you to pledge hundreds or even tens of dollars.

All we ask is one Euro (or dollar) for every month you use Remoover. Well, isn’t that relieving? Just one euro, and you get free from TV advertisements for a month.

As early contributors, whom we like to call innovators, you are entitled to this special pricing forever.

We want to recognize and appreciate those who help this platform grow up. We intend to recognize the innovators on our forum:

First 100 contributors – HEROES


First 1000 contributors - WARRIORS

As heroes, warriors, and innovators, all we ask is that you contribute to our cause of serving you with better content, always.

All contributions shall be dedicated to building infrastructure to deploy remoover in your respective countries. So, refer your friends too. The faster you help us reach the goal, you get to watch TV in a whole new way.

Please remember that we are not against advertisements; we just want you to have the freedom to choose your own content.




We provide great support on community forum. Always be in touch with us.


How to pair your device with your account?

Setting up with your TV is super easy, just enter the code that you get in activation step in plugin and your device name (Home TV) on the website portal to link your TV and you are ready to go.



What you decide is what you see

Remoover lets you take full control of what you want to watch during commercial breaks. Ease of use, flexibility, and quick response time are the pillars of this cutting-edge technology.

Our solution has a powerful web interface that can be used to configure multiple televisions.

Remoover helps you customize every television individually, with an option to have 24 different settings for each hour of the day.

Once your TV is linked you can now configure it to enjoy different features like:

  • YouTube videos to play instead of the ads. Like Meditation, fireplace, ISS live stream from universe, or any other YouTube video (without ads)
  • Images: slideshow of custom images from your library (Sound will be muted)
  • Hop & Return” in which your TV will switch to your favorite channel where ads are not running, once will ads finished will return you back and never miss your tv show or movie anymore


Everything automatically. Without any user action!

Not enought ?

Create a list of favorite shows and never miss anymore. Automatically will switch to channel where started your favorite show.

Block show which you don’t like – will auto block unliked tv show

Block whole tv channel ideally as parental control – will switch to favorite tv channel instead content.

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Are you an Hotel/Resort or Restaurant ?

This platform is a boon to hotels and restaurants business, where they can manage their content to be played at exact times by configuring each room television. While restaurants can run campaigns similar to happy hours. 

Your customers will love your resort and restaurants!


Want to become as Affiliate partner ?

Be in first line of heroes of affiliates. Lets help us bring remoover to live in your country. Be a part of our big team and start earning.


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From the beginning

Our History


  • Mar 2018


    We started building plugin on enigma

  • May 2018

    Recognition platform

    Started building own audio fingerpriting technology

  • Jan 2019

    Testing in progress

    We sucessfully builded workable television adblocker

  • Oct 2019

    Finished huge backend

    We finished testing and builded huge backend for complex recognition and detection ad, started testing.

  • Jan 2020

    Started building website

    We started building website.

  • May 2020

    Builded KODI plugin

    We developed plugin for KODI.